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How And What You Should Be Eating While Taking Steroids Or Prohormones
If you’re considering taking steroids or prohormones, odds are you are either trying to get stronger or want to gain some more muscle. But, unfortunately for many steroid users, weight gain comes along with that. Some people say this is inevitable, others believe that yes, it’s possible to achieve the mythical trifecta of getting stronger, […]
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How Long Your Prohormone Cycle Should Last
If you’re thinking about taking a legal alternative to steroids like prohormones you need to know the basics. And that means understanding what to eat, what exercises you should be doing, and how long your prohormone cycle should last. In many ways, taking prohormones is like taking steroids. But there are some important differences. Chief […]
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Getting More Out Of Your Steroids: Why You Should Lose Weight First
Some people seem to think that you can just sit on the couch, take steroids, and voilà look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. But it doesn’t work that way. Your cycles are what you make them and there are things you can do to make them either more or less effective. Here’s our guide to getting more […]
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